Questions Most Folks Ask

How does it work anyway?

Just watch it.


Where does the idea for the 8 For the Day notebook come from?

I started writing down my daily to do's after I read a story about Ivy Lee, an efficiency expert from the early 1900s, who worked with Charles Schwab, President of Bethlehem Steel, to make the company more productive. Read the story about Ivy Lee here. 


Can the 8FD notebooks be shipped internationally?

Yes, but I will need a bit more information to determine the shipping costs. Email me at with your location. 


What does each part of the 8FD notebook mean?


Here is a complete description of an 8FD page.  The picture below is a WEEKDAY page. 

1. List the DATE here in number form (example: 1/22/15).  No need to write Monday, Tuesday, etc… we’ve already got you covered.

2. Here you can circle, heart, or highlight the day of the week.

3. Time for the good stuff.  Six lines and check boxes are waiting for PROFESSIONAL TASKS to fill their spaces.

4. The two boxes outlined in RED are for PERSONAL TASKS or goals that you hope to complete that day.  

5. Who doesn’t like the feeling of crumpling a completed list of tasks and tossing it away? We’ve made each page of the 8FD notebook PERFORATED for just that purpose.


Why is there not a page for Sundays?

Sunday is my day for rest and, therefore, I do not complete an 8FD page on Sundays.  After a long week of productivity, give yourself a day to relax, recoup, and rest.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be Sunday, but for one day out of the week set 8FD aside and focus on you.  


How large is the notebook?

The 8FD notebook is 6 inches long, 3 inches wide, and 1 centimeter thick. 


How many pages does the 8FD notebook have?

The 8FD notebook contains 72 pages, consisting of approximately 12 weeks worth of lists.