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Writing to Remember: Clear Your Head & Improve Thinking

Pause. Take out a pen. Pull out a piece of paper (or a post-it note). Write down an idea, goal or thought.

Photo by narloch-liberra/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by narloch-liberra/iStock / Getty Images

How did that make you feel?

Capturing your thoughts on a physical piece of paper is proven to have beneficial effects on your mental health. This is because you use more of your brain while writing things down on paper rather than typing them out. But sometimes this whole pen and paper philosophy feels outdated. Typing or copy/pasting is much faster and saves time.

But think of it this way, like any great, juicy steak, your ideas need time to marinate, and writing things down can be a big help. It slows you down, stills your thoughts and leads to better, meatier ideas.

Why is this? The action of jotting things down requires correspondence from both your left brain and right brain. They must work together to complete the action. Writing also sparks creative thought and sharpens your mind – no matter if you use a dull utensil or not (but a good writing tool does ease the process).

In addition to the many memory and creative benefits, writing thoughts or ideas down on paper may also help overcome writer’s block by setting you on the path to clearer thinking.

Are you a list maker? Writing lists makes it easier to recall information and details. In fact, starting your day by taking 20 minutes to write your plans on paper can help improve productivity — and if you’re reading this blog you’re probably a pretty productive person already.

So the next time you’re designing a masterpiece, writing an intelligent article or organizing your schedule, pull out a pen and a piece of paper, and let your thoughts transfer to ink.