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How you do 8FD: Joe Hubers

When the majority of your day is spent in front of a screen, a simple notepad and pen can be refreshing. 

I really enjoy the simplicity of 8FD. I also like the fact that it isn't digital ... I enjoy physically checking things off.  As 95 percent of my work time is on a computer, having to engage with a paper product seems to make it all the more effective as I have to "unplug" from the computer to interact with 8FD.  - Joe Hubers

Joe Hubers   Photo Credit: Walter Portz of Studio Blu

Joe Hubers

Photo Credit: Walter Portz of Studio Blu

Owner of Passenger Productions, Joe Hubers and his team have a passion for creating documentary and narrative films for non-profit organizations and leading businesses. His latest film, Of Minor Prophets, premiered on June 13th. 

Joe's a super busy guy, yet he still gets things done. Joe has tailored the 8FD concept into his lifestyle for just over four months now, so we decided to catch up with him and find out if his 8FD was under a pile of "I tried this for a week and never touched it again" attempts or if 8FD had made an affect on his daily routine. 

What made you try 8FD?

I was having a hard time narrowing down a larger long term to-do list into something focused. 

How long have you been doing 8FD?

I started using it in late February of this year. 

How has 8FD impacted your productivity?

It has greatly ...  it gives me a tangible reference point that keeps the ball moving without getting overwhelmed with the larger long term goals. Thus, I'm more focused and ultimately less stressed. I also enjoy the space for personal goals/tasks ... it's helped bring a more balanced approach to my work day.  

Time of day you complete 8FD (Morning, Evening..)

I typically fill out 8FD the night before ... I'm able to wrap up the schedule by mid to later afternoon. 

What's the best part about getting things done? 

My stress level is better managed in regards to getting projects done. Additionally executing projects means quicker realization of my larger goals with the company.


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, Joe. We hope 8FD helps smooth the road for your next big film.